The Wellnes4life team

Meet the team at Wellnes4life!


Sarah O’Connor says:

I’m proud to have George on the Wellnes4life Team.

Our team packs a wealth of experience so the Wellnes4life Team can cater for your individual goals and aspirations!

Whether your goal is improved health and fitness or sports specific training, or if you like group fitness, this is the team for you!

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand to deliver results


If you’re keen to maximise your results, Wellnes4life offers customised nutrition plans and macro targeted nutrition packages. Sarah is an ISSN Accredited Sports Nutritionist and will work with you (in person or online) to get your nutrition on track.

Wellnes4life offers…



The team operates out of EDGE Health Clubs Casuarina so feel free to come in and say Hi. You do not need to be a member to work with our team.

You’re welcome to contact us!

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