Sarah - Oxygen Cover Girl - April 2014

Oxygen Cover Girl

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Sarah says:

Goals are a dream with a ‘due by’ date

I fulfilled my goal – I was cover girl for Oxygen Magazine, February 2014.

How can you do the same, you ask?

5 tips for achieving my Cover Girl look

Choose a qualified and experienced trainer / coach who tailors training plans to suit your body and goals.

Find a nutrition expert who is interested in fitness – with a speciality in writing Custom Eating Plans tailored to your individual goals.  Again, qualifications and experience are important to your choice.

Be consistent following your training regime and tailored eating plan, and … be patient and trust the process.  Results come with time and dedication!

Set yourself achievable, realistic mini goals to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your end goal.

Be positive!  Keep your eye on the prize and remember that if it was easy everyone would do it!

If achieving my cover girl look appeals to you, join me at  I can promise you individual Training Programs and Eating Plans that suit your body, goals and lifestyle to power your cover girl dreams.

Hope to see you soon!


Sarah xx

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