Sarah O'Connor - Winner - 2012

Competition history

Sarah’s personal success on the competition stage, along with her qualifications and experience, mean she’s uniquely qualified to provide health and wellness support, advice and coaching…

Career highlights

Pro WFF Ms Universe Ms Sports Model Champion – 2016

2x Amateur Universe Champion – INBA Natural Universe Ms Sport Model 2011 & WFF Universe Ms Sports Model 2016

Amateur World Champion – INBF Open Figure World Champion 2012

Southern Hemisphere Ms Sports Model Overall Champion – 2015

Oxygen Magazine Australia Cover Girl – 2013

Wet N Wild Australia Calendar Model – 2016

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Sarah specialises in Sports Nutrition, exercise and support. Her competition preparation emphasises health and wellbeing.  She offers custom-written training and eating plans to suit all levels of fitness and goals.

Sarah’s nutrition offering caters for health conditions and eating preferences with an emphasis on improving overall health. Sarah’s training programs incorporate a periodised approach backed by scientific research to maximize results.

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