Rebecca's clean protein cheesecake

Rebecca’s Clean Protein Cheesecake

I am excited to share my client Bec’s cheesecake masterpiece…

You have to try this one.



The Base – Ingredients

Cup of cashews (or you can use almonds or a mix)

8 medjool dates

The Filling – Ingredients

200g Paris creek organic Swiss bush honey & vanilla yoghurt


Scoop of chocolate protowhey protein powder

Note: If you don’t want to use gelatin, you can replace the yoghurt with Greek yoghurt which is a thicker consistency

The Top – Ingredients

Mixed frozen berries


Line a tin with baking paper or foil

Blend nuts and dates together (I used a Bellini Intelli but you can use blender, thermomix or food processor)

Press mixture into tin and put in fridge for 15 mins

Make gelatin and mix in with yoghurt. Add protein powder and mix well

Pour yoghurt mixture over the base

Let it set overnight and then top with mixed berries

You can add a light sprinkle of protowhey powder over the berries too for a little extra yumminess!


This baby serves 6-8 people… So the test is to try it, and then to not eat the whole cake in one sitting!  🙂  


Bec xx



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