Sharna's Chicken & Quinoa Stuffed Capsicums

Sharna’s Chicken and Quinoa Stuffed Capsicums

Sharna has a real knack for making the simplest meals look fancy!  We are lucky to have her share one of her simple but amazing recipes.




80g chicken breast ( minced or diced)

70g cooked quinoa

1 whole capsicum (Red or Green)

1/2 small leek, sliced

A handful or 2 of baby spinach

1-2 cloves of garlic

Squeeze of lemon juice

35g reduced fat fetta

Greek oregano ( optional)



Sautee chicken in pan until cooked through, remove from pan.

Next, add in minced garlic and leeks and cook until translucent. Add baby spinach, chicken and cooked quinoa.

Squeeze lemon juice to taste. Cut open capsicum and remove seeds. Spoon in mixture and top with crumbled feta and oregano.

Try this one out!

You can eat it ‘as is’ or you can bake in the oven at 180 degrees until the feta is slightly brown on top.

I often multiply the ingredients and freeze for lunches through the week.

Cheers Sharna x


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