Danni Biar - Custom 12 Week Challenge - Before and After

Danni’s lifestyle change

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I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym, I love lifting weights and I’m addicted to that feeling you get after smashing a great cardio session.

My food plan that’s tailored exactly to my (fussy) eating is amazing. I really enjoy eating food from it instead of eating it because it’s healthy and I want results or because I have to.  It’s a real lifestyle change.

In saying this, you cannot reach your goals until you believe you can achieve them. Having you there to support, encourage, guide and motivate me through these 12 weeks has been a blessing and I couldn’t have done this without you. It’s such a mind game but seeing these changes has motivated me to keep going through the silly season and strive towards achieving my goals.

Thank you. Xx

Danni Biar​

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