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I first started with Sarah about 12 months ago. I found out about her through social media. I got in contact with her and straight away I found her to be such a lovely person.

We talked about goals


We talked about goals and what I was aiming for. I signed up for a 12 Week Challenge to lose some weight and tone up. With Sarah’s help I started training and went on a nutrition plan.  As the 12 weeks went by I received emails every week from her… some had expert info about nutrition or training and others were an accountability survey.

The expert info was awesome.  It gave that personal touch and also helped to explain and teach methods for training, eating and your overall well being. Each week I sent back the survey and within a couple of days Sarah would be in touch answering any questions I had and giving words of encouragement to help keep me motivated and on the right track.

Knowing Sarah believed in me made all the difference

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Even though some weeks it was hard, to know that she was there and believed in me made all the difference!

At the end of the 12 weeks I wasn’t where I wanted to be. So, I spoke with Sarah.  I was so happy with all the help she had already given me I decided to continue with her for an 8 Week Challenge.  I had a pretty good reason to give it my all in the upcoming 8 weeks as it took me right up until my wedding day!!

It took me right up to my wedding day


Having a serious goal in mind made a big difference.  All Sarah wanted for me on my wedding day was to look my best!! Similar to the 12 Week Challenge, I received an accountability survey every week.  It really helped me to keep on track and I was able to let Sarah know how I was feeling and where I was up to in the whole process!!

Every time I felt like I was struggling or felt down Sarah was there to remind me of how good I could feel and look on my wedding day! She was right.

The hard work was worth it!


When I look back at the photos I can see the hard work that went into those 8 weeks. with all the ups and downs.  It was worth it. I felt beautiful and all I wanted to do was send Sarah a pic so she could see that we made it!!!

After the wedding we stayed in contact.  I was starting to get so used to the training and nutrition that I wanted to keep going, I wanted a new goal. Sarah and I talked again and we decided that I would compete in Season A 2016. Prep began in January.

Sarah tailored programs for me


Being one of Sarah’s competitors is one of the BEST and most AMAZING experiences I have had and I will be forever grateful for having Sarah behind me through the prep. I am from a very small country town.  It has a second hand gym with old weight machines and limited equipment. I went through with Sarah what was available to me and she was able to tailor programs for me in detail.  If there was ever anything I was not able to do with the limited equipment I had available, I would let Sarah know and she would give me an alternative straight away.

Comp day was awesome!

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When it was comp day, I was competing on my own but Sarah was there by the phone the whole time. Throughout the whole day we kept in contact.  After each class I went out in I would talk to her straight away, send photos and have her coach me as the day went on. It was so awesome!

I could not be happier with what Sarah has provided for me. I have learnt so much from her.  To have started with the challenges and then become a part of TeamOC has been so rewarding.  I feel so lucky to not only call Sarah my coach but one of my beautiful friends. We have been able to build an awesome relationship and without all her help with training, knowledge and nutrition I would not be where I am today. I have found a love of life, passion and happiness and I could not be more grateful to Sarah.

Belinda Muller


Belinda Muller
Belinda says, “I could not be happier with what Sarah provided…”

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