Lisa McConnell

Lisa’s amazing few months

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Hey Sarah,
What an amazing few months I have had!  So happy to have finished up with a 1st and 2nd place.

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for your wonderful coaching and support. The diet and training enables you to eat clean and gain strength in a very sustainable and healthy way.  Loved the weekly accountability surveys – they keep you very straight!!!

Thanks so much for answering my many questions in such as timely manner

Even though you are extremely busy yourself you always found time to reply very promptly.

I have gained so much from this whole experience and feel amazing inside and out, plus I have gained so much confidence.

Had a few treats the last couple of days post comp and now am back onto my strict reverse diet protocol.

Thanks for everything.

Feel so privileged to have been coached by Miss Universe!!

You are such an inspiration!!

Thanks again.

Much love,
Lisa xx


Lisa McConnell – 1st Place Bikini First Timer and 2nd Place Bikini Novice



Thankyou Lisa for your beautiful email…

I have loved working with you and am so proud of what you have achieved.
I wanted to give a special shout out to Nat Kitney too for working with you on your posing.
You presented yourself with poise and elegance on stage, Lisa.
Well done
Sarah xx

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