Teena White - Before and After 8 week Challenge

Teena found the answer at 46

Stats: Loss of 3.4kg and 58.4cm (My pants were tight before the challenge)

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I’ve always been fairly active and had a relatively healthy diet (or so I thought).

After having children (1 singleton and twins) I had stacked on some weight, so decided to go to Weight Watchers.  I lost weight and then, at the age of 40, I signed up for my first fun run and took up jogging.

Things were going along quite well – up until I got sick and was diagnosed with Glandular Fever.  Because I had glandular fever for over 8 months my liver began to fail and I was constantly fatigued and felt like I had the flu all the time.  Worst of all, I stacked on all the weight that I had lost, plus a little bit more.  I tried to keep exercising but I had no energy – so it was a vicious cycle.

Over weight and not exercising… NOT my problem!

A friend started to deal with an online personal trainer, so I decided to give him a go.  Unfortunately, after 3 months, I had only lost a little weight and I felt like I was just wasting my money.  I think he was used to dealing with overweight people who didn’t exercise.  This wasn’t my problem and he offered little advice to help.

I noticed a friend of mine – Debbie Block – had made some amazing transformations.  She looked amazing and I wondered what she had been doing.  I also thought there was NO WAY I could do what she was doing – she was so toned and muscular – I was too old and unfit to even try it right?

I wasn’t interested in competing but I really wanted to lose weight and tone up

But, my curiosity got the better of me so I asked her what she had been doing and she told me that she had an eating and exercise plan from Sarah O’Connor.  I wasn’t interested in competing but I really wanted to lose weight and tone up – and I wondered if Sarah could help me.  Debbie assured me that Sarah could help – so I sent an email to find out!

Sarah organised a time to call me – I told her all about my past, what had happened to my liver, my non-existent metabolism and how frustrated I was – because all of a sudden I’d gone from being fit and slim – to a lumpy, tired and defeated person who felt like the battle with my weight and health was a uphill climb!!

I signed up… one day before my birthday and two weeks before Christmas and New Years!

Sarah said she would help so I signed up for the 8 week challenge.  I was apprehensive because it was the 14th of December, one day before my birthday and two weeks before Christmas and New Years!! But, I did it anyway – and it was the best decision of my life!

The first four weeks were pretty tough – I had cravings and a lot of bad habits to eliminate!

And, eating 6 meals a day was a real challenge!!  To lose weight you have to eat lettuce all day right?  NO!! Sarah told me to trust her and the process, so I did!

I noticed that the measurements were going down…

I chose my birthday as my first cheat meal, Christmas Day for another and New Year’s for another (and it was more than 2 hours!!).  My weight fluctuated and I didn’t lose much at all – but I noticed that the measurements were going down.  I was FINALLY toning up – and losing weight in areas that I’d never been able to lose it before – arms, thighs and glutes!

Preparing my food 3 days in advance has saved me time and money!!  There is no chance of me grabbing junk food anymore because my food is ready to go!

I started to lose weight…

Slowly but surely, with lots of guidance and encouragement from Sarah, I started to lose weight – and the last 4 weeks I lost weight every week – and, best of all, I lost lots of centimetres!  My pants were looser, I didn’t have to jump up and down to get my pants over my hips – I was getting RESULTS!!  Other people were starting to notice and commenting on how good I was looking.

I feel great!

Best of all I FEEL great – the great food has made my insides feel clean; the intake of 2-3 litres of water has improved my complexion.

I still like to have my cheat meal – but don’t feel deprived the other days of the week.  And, I’m finding that making the healthier choice is so much easier because I actually prefer the taste!

I am 46 years old and I think I’ve finally found the secret to success!  I am confident that I will reach my goal weight – but I have learnt that it’s not about the scales any more – it’s more about how I feel and how I look!

… this system does work!!

For anyone who is serious about making a change in their life for the better – this system does work!!  There are no pills or potions – it’s all about eating the right food at the right time and incorporating some exercise and weights to help tone.

It’s not easy – but it’s something that is achievable and can be maintained for the rest of my life!

And, my life will be longer because I am fuelling my body with goodness.

Thank you Sarah!!

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I appreciate what you have done for me.


Teena White

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