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Courtney sums it up

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I was recommended to Sarah by a friend in the gym who had previously competed using Sarah’s comp prep.  I have always dreamed of competing and finally threw away doubts and fears and signed up with Sarah after chatting to her.

Throughout prep I had many questions for Sarah.  I even doubted her advice sometimes but I always listened and she always explained why we took certain approaches.  Everything always made sense and she always put my health first.

Even being online and having Sarah prepping for the competition worked too.

Sarah was always so supportive.

Courtney McConnell with Sarah O'Connor - Comp Prep - INBA QLDI love all my meals and loved the training program.  It changed every few weeks and was individualised to my needs.  Sarah was honest at each check in and helped me focus on my goal towards stage.  At the competition Sarah was by my side helping and giving me the confidence that I needed!

After comp Sarah made sure to check in with me.  Even after months Sarah still chats and checks in on how my fitness is going.  She is so down to earth and caring, I recommend all who are interested in comp prep to Sarah!

Best experience!


Courtney McConnell

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